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Russia: A foal has broken leg of the zoo employee

This accident has taken place due to violations of safety precautions.

07.Aug.14 11:50 AM
By Mihail Prygunov


Russia: A foal has broken leg of the zoo employee
Employee of horse farm that is located in Nizhny Novgorod region has got a complicated leg fracture from a scared foal. This information was provided by Government Labor Inspection in Nizhny Novgorod region.

The victim of this incident has turned out to be 49-year old Head of “Perevozsky” JSC area. A 1-year old foal has entered stables during heavy draft breed was marred after paddock. A foal should not have been entered this stable in accordance with rules. There is a separate stable for foals. Horses have become very angry with such unexpected guest and started attacking foal. The head of the area decided to ward the foal off and bypassed a horse from behind which is prohibited by safety rules. This led to the fact that a horse hit him with its hind legs and broke his leg.

This incident turned out to be a reason for additional instructions for all employees connected with necessary safety precautions. All materials of this accident have been forwarded to prosecutors.

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