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Rumors about closing of McDonald’s in Russia were refuted

No one has ever planned to close McDonald’s.

25.Aug.14 2:02 PM
By Abigail Richards


Rumors about closing of McDonald’s in Russia were refuted
Vice Prime Minister Arcady Dvorkin said that government has never planned to close McDonald’s restaurants which are operating on the territory of Russia.

He paid attention to the fact that there have not been any thoughts about that. This is nothing but rumors.

At the same time Chief Sanitary Doctor of Russia Anna Popova said that examinations of restaurants have been planned in advance. This is regularly examination and it does not deal with closing of fast-foods. These examinations have been planned in autumn 2013. Their projects are available on the official website of department. Everyone is able to get acquainted with them.

It should be noted that examinations of McDonald’s have started on the 20th of August. Several fast-foods in Moscow were closed due to violation of sanitary standards and rules. The first Russian McDonald’s restaurant is among them. It is located near Pushkinskaya metro station.

Examinations and check have been launched in other regions on the 21at of August. Experts have tested all restaurants in central regions of Russia. Sanitary violations have been indicated in fast-foods of Veliky Novgorod and Kazan.

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