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Rules for Obtaining Labor Patent for Foreigners in Russia

Foreigners can take Russian language exam in 19 different educational establishments of Nizhny Novgorod.

01.Apr.15 2:50 PM
By Anna Repina


Rules for Obtaining Labor Patent for Foreigners in Russia
Russian migration legislation has changed a lot from the beginning of the current year. Now foreigners who are eager to work and complete various functions on enterprises located on the territory of Russian Federation need to obtain labor patent.  

Such patents can be obtained in Federal Migration Service departments according to the place of foreign citizen registration. Foreigners will be able to receive this document within a month. They need to have filled in application form, passport, migration card, volunteer medical insurance policy, certificate of absence of HIV, tuberculosis and other dangerous diseases. Certificate of registration at the place of temporary residence is also necessary for obtaining labor patent.

The patent is valid for one year only. After it is expired, foreigner must prolong it in case he wants to continue working on the territory of Russian Federation. At the same time monthly fees for using labor [patent have also been established. Foreigners who want to complete different functions on Russian enterprises will have to pay about $60 per month.

At the same time after the patent is obtained a foreigner is obliged to forward working agreement to Federal Migration Service within 2 months after receiving labor patent. This agreement must be signed by both foreigner and enterprises which is located on the territory of Russian Federation.

By the way, government of Nizhny Novgorod region has already approved of the list which includes several educational establishments where foreign citizens may obtain necessary documents which confirm their fluent knowledge of Russian language. The list includes governmental and private educational establishments including state universities and institutes. Apart from Russian language foreigners who want to work on the territory of the company should also have knowledge connected with basic Russian laws and history.

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