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Ruble growth reached 1% due to taxes and the rotation of oil in plus

The ruble accelerated the growth in the daily trading on Thursday thanks to the reversal of oil to plus, which increased the positive effect of currency sales for large taxes next week.

22.Jun.17 11:12 PM
By Daria Zaytseva


Ruble growth reached 1% due to taxes and the rotation of oil in plus
On its side, the current levels of the dollar / ruble pair and the yield of Russian government securities that grew after the OFZ sales, can play attractive for foreign investors, which again makes carry-trade transactions with the ruble interesting.

By 13.05 GMT, the dollar / ruble pair settled at "tomorrow" at 59.72, and the ruble is gaining one percent of the level of the stock exchange Wednesday’s closing, the evening of which the value of 60.43 was reached for the first time since February 1. Previously, the ruble was marked at the session peak of 59.69.

The euro / ruble pair settled tomorrow at 13.035 GMT at 66.69 rubles, and the ruble is also gaining one percent from the previous close. Coupled with the euro, the ruble reached 67.39 yesterday, its worst value since December 8, 2016.

On June 26 will complete the payment of MET, excise and VAT, June 28 - income tax. The amount of the tax on the extraction of minerals may exceed 300 billion rubles, the profit tax is estimated at 170-260 billion.

Brent crude oil has gone into the plus since the beginning of the day, and the current quotes - $ 45.15 (+0.7 percent), while on the eve of the price fell to $ 44.35 - at least since November 11 last year.

Since the beginning of June, the ruble has become cheaper by more than 5 percent to the dollar and by 4.5 percent to the euro.

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