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Rosneft revealed its Presidentís Income

It was made in view of recommendations provided by President Vladimir Putin during his live conversation with citizens. He offered to reveal incomes of heads and presidents of all governmental companies.

06.May.15 1:07 PM
By Elena Nekrasova


Rosneft revealed its Presidentís Income
Rosneft has provided official information regarding its presidentís wage according to corporate standards related to compensations and salaries of Rosneft employees. The level of companyís presidnet salary varies from $3 to $4 million. This level is determined by the Board of Directors during special meetings.

At the same time there is a special annual financial prize which is about 150% from presidentís annual income. Moreover Igor Sechin gets additional wage increase which is about 5% from monthly salary for taking active part in meetings of the administrative board of the company as well as operating with information related to state secret category.

President also gets financial compensation of business trips and other costs which include house rent and payment for childrenís education until they are 23 years old.

It should also be mentioned that Rosneft has officially reported about the fact that Sechin will continue completing presidentís duties. His contract was prolonged for 5 more years.

According to new Russian law all presidents, top managers, head accountants and their deputies are obliged to reveal their income in case they work in governmental enterprises which 1005 belong to the state.

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