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Road repairing works are 90% completed in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Summer road repairing work in Nizhny Novgorod is 90% completed and goes as per schedule.

28.Aug.14 9:23 AM
By Anna Repina


Road repairing works are 90% completed in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Such statement has been made by Director of the Department of Road Management Authority Andrey Zhizhin during operational meeting on the 25th of August. This information was provided by “NTA-Privolzhye” media agency.

The Official also said that all necessary works on main roads have already been finished. The whole repairing program will be completed by the 1st of September.

The Head of City administration ordered Zhizhin to control the quality of all repairing works on all areas.
At the same time Oleg Kondrashev paid attention to the fact that irresponsible behavior of workers sometimes takes place. It was connected with necessary restoring improvements after laying water and heating systems. As a result, Kondrashev fired employee of Nizhny Novgorod Water Utility Service who was in charge of repairing works on Ilyinskaya Street due to numerous violations. Citizens have also complained on the quality of work in this region.

Moreover employees of “Teploenergo” Ltd have also made a lot of violations. They are working with 132 objects. 97 of them have poor restoring development which is unacceptable. The situation must be under control of local authorities.

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