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Ripple now accepts SBI virtual currencies

This became known from the online purchase guide.

18.Jun.18 10:04 PM
By Jason Brideslow


Ripple now accepts SBI virtual currencies
Ripple also added Satoshi Citadel Industries (SCI) as a source of XRP "for the near future." The last company is based in the Philippines and is a company called FinTech, which produces services and products for financial integration in the Philippines. The company creates several products and services on the blockbuster in the country.

SCI deals with the processing of payments, international transfers, investments and mobile cash payments. One can only guess at the capabilities of the mobile application developed by SCI, which will be as fast and efficient as the Santander application that is currently running.

SCI has one similar application: Rebit. It currently operates in the network of bitcoins, which allows you to transfer funds around the world, as well as other payments: wages, monthly bills, etc.

The company also announced last May that it is working to integrate XRP support through several of its services. The SCI statement says: "SCI will soon start supporting Ripple (XRP) through several of our services. Starting from, our users will be able to buy and sell XRP with Philippine pesos quickly, safely and easily, with support for money transfers and for mobile money, to monitor future integration. "

This means that the liquidity of XRP will continue to deepen with listings on the exchange of virtual currencies SBI, and also be available on various platforms of Satoshi Citadel Industries at the end of this year.

We recall that earlier the opening of the SBI exchange was regularly postponed due to emerging problems.

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