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Richard Branson warned the public about scammers who act on his behalf

This concerns advertising of various kinds of fraudulent projects, binary options and multiple schemes for cryptocurrency trading.

07.May.18 1:36 AM
By John M Jeffcoat
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Richard Branson warned the public about scammers who act on his behalf
The news portal reports that the British billionaire, businessman, and creator of the international company Virgin Group - Richard Branson, said that hackers very often use his name and other personal data for fraudulent schemes aimed at deceiving traders and investors.

Using the name of such an impressive participant in crypto-currency transactions and investments in binary options and various other fraudulent schemes for cryptocurrency trading, criminals gain the trust of potential investors and cryptocurrency traders, as Richard Branson is a long-standing participant in the cryptocurrency market and a blockbuster and is very famous in this field.

According to Branson himself, he very often speaks about the vast possibilities of bitcoin, but at the same time warns the public that on the Internet there are a lot of advertising binary options on his behalf and records of his supposedly quick enrichment schemes. Moreover, scammers create a lot of fake pages on behalf of a well-known entrepreneur, to which he has absolutely nothing to do.

All this is misleading a massive number of people. His company's lawyers work together with the police to combat fake pages and advertising channels that spread fraudulent information.

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