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Repairing and Servicing of Foreign Cars will be more expensive in Russia

The approximate price increase will be from 5% to 20%.

16.Dec.14 10:30 AM
By Anna Nekrasova


Repairing and Servicing of Foreign Cars will be more expensive in Russia
Russian drivers will feel start feeling the increase of prices on repairing and servicing of foreign cars from the beginning of January 2015. The majority of auto experts agree that prices will grow in the nearest future. In other words having a foreign car may turn out to be a part of luxury for some drivers.

In accordance with information provided by, the price of all repairing works along with servicing and spare parts will grow due to changes of ruble exchange rate. Experts predict the price growth from 5% to 20%. However this is not the end. The price can become even higher in case positions of ruble will not be stable in the nearest future.

Tires will also become more expensive. Their price will go up by 10-15%.Foreign tires can become even 30% more expensive.

Price of some spare parts has already started to grow. It includes body elements as well as other spare parts which have become 10% more expensive.

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