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Rehab Centers for Ex-Prisoners will Appear in Russia

Ex-prisoners will get used to living in society in those centers.

03.Jun.15 2:23 PM
By Elena Tkachenko


Rehab Centers for Ex-Prisoners will Appear in Russia
Russian government is planning to create social rehab centers for ex-prisoners. The main aim of this project is to let former criminals get used to living in society. According to available information those ex-prisoners who do not have permanent place of living will work and live in such rehab centers.

It is known that this question will be discussed in the nearest future by the Head of Federal Penitentiary Service in Russian Federation Ella Panfilova.

At the same time the government will discuss closing of more than 100 prisons in the nearest months. Those are mainly city-forming objects. Such measures are taken in order to prevent over tens of thousands citizens from losing their jobs as well as hundreds of Russian villages from total vanishing. That is why human rights defenders are offering restructuring of those establishments for prisoners into social and rehab centers for ex-criminals.

Social workers say that such centers could provide ex-prisoners with working places and permanent residence. At the same time former prison employees can also apply for positions in such centers.

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