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Refugee from Lugansk lives in his car

Andrey Kalinin has nowhere to go. His car is his home and transport.

17.Aug.14 3:22 PM
By Abigail Richards


Refugee from Lugansk lives in his car
A foreign auto with Ukrainian car plates has been parked on Varnavsky Street for several days already. Refugee from Lugansk Andrey Kalinin lives in this auto.

This car has turned into a home and transport at the same time for a man. He sleeps there. In accordance with local website he came to Nizhniy Novgorod from Rostov Region a week ago. There is a special camp for refugees from Ukraine. There he left his sister and daughter. However he is planning to take them to Nizhny in the nearest future.  
Andrey is busy with arranging all necessary formalities and documents in order to get a proper job and rent a flat. He is already working. A soon as he gets all necessary documents he will work as instructor in da driving academy.

Employer is ready to provide him with place of work. This will not be a problem at all.

Refugee from Lugansk is getting used to a normal life. He likes Nizhny Novgorod very much and is planning to take all his family here. Andrey has nowhere to return. His home was absolutely ruined by Ukrainian militaries as well as the whole city.

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