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Reddit will return payments in the cryptocurrency

Except bitcoin can bring back the ethereum  and litecoin.

04.May.18 1:41 AM
By Jeff Bannister


Reddit will return payments in the cryptocurrency
The Reddit platform plans to return support for cryptocurrency payments. This technical Director of CTO Christopher Slow in an interview with Cheddar. According to him, the platform refused payments in bitcoins due to the high transaction cost. However, according to another version, the payment option was removed by mistake due to changes in the Coinbase platform. Accepting payments for Reddit stopped at the end of March.

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbsase decided to change the payment interface of its application in early March. Several functions for commercial payments were planned to be removed from the API, and all the features were to be transferred to the new Coinbase Commerce service. Changes had to be carried out till may 21. 

Developers of CTO Reddit did not have enough time to prepare for the update of the payment service. Christopher slow noted that cryptocurrency payments could return to the functionality of the platform. 

Also, Twitter has marked a post in which announced changes in the list of cryptocurrencies accepted by the platform. In addition to supporting payments in bitcoins, amounts can be added to ethereum and litecoin.

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