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Reddit moderators call for anti-vaccine movement ban

The Iron Nanny corpo-state will keep us safe

26.Aug.21 12:34 PM
By Shawn Highstraw
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Reddit moderators call for anti-vaccine movement ban
Dozens of subreddits and their users and moderators call on Reddit to take more action against fake news and misinformation about the coronavirus and vaccinations. A post on the vaccination subforum contains a growing list of subreddits supporting the initiative.

The post is on the subreddit /r/vaxxhappened, a forum where users criticise people who are against coronavirus vaccination and measures. "We could have been better off months ago, but misinformation and Lies could easily be spread and cost lives," writes the original poster.

According to the author, "more active interference is needed" to prevent the spread of fake information. The poster calls on Reddit to take more action. Concrete actions are not required; it is a general call to do more against fake news on the platform.

Reddit said a year ago that it would use more resources against misinformation on the network, but according to the poster that has proved insufficient. Reddit referred moderators of the subreddits to sources from official health authorities and said to facilitate more AMAs. However, Reddit himself did little with the content of the platform, such as removing subreddits or posts.

For years, Reddit has been criticized for taking too little action against controversial messages and subreddits. For example, a notorious pro-Trump forum was only closed after years, despite many complaints from users. Research shows that communities ' platforms often work.

The call on Reddit is supported by dozens of other subreddits. Moderators and users have expressed their support publicly. These include some of the most popular subreddits on the platform, such as /r/lifeprotips and /r/pics, which have more than ten million subscribers. Dozens of small subreddits support the initiative.

Reddit has now responded, but says it won't do anything with the criticism. "Going against the opinion of the CDC is not against our rules," the platform says. Reddit insists that an open discussion is a better way to combat misinformation.

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