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Recruits to Rocket Forces will be found via Social Networks

Internet resources will be sued to increase the level of military service prestige.

16.Jan.15 6:11 AM
By Lubov Kovaleva


Recruits to Rocket Forces will be found via Social Networks
Social networks will be used to recruit young men who are eager to serve in rocket forces on contract basics. At the same time internet resources will also be used to increase the level of military service prestige.

Rocket forces will start their campaign in the nearest future. These forces have a strategic meaning for the country. This campaign will be mostly aimed to attract young men to study in military educational establishments. Special accounts will be opened in the most popular social networks such as VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Twitter and Facebook. They will contain different multimedia files including photos, videos and other necessary information that is connected with military service in rocket forces.

In accordance with information provided by Russian Ministry of Defense using social networks has turn out to be rather effective taking into account results of 2014. At the same time latest statistics shows that the number of people who are eager to serve on contract has increased the number of soldiers who are on obligatory military service.

Governmental services have started using social networks and other internet resources more often. For example, there is a special service which can be used to send complaints connected with illegal and inappropriate actions of the officials.

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