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Railway Transport will become more expensive for Russians

Price of railway tickets will be higher by 10%.

13.Jan.15 12:37 PM
By Abigail Richards


Railway Transport will become more expensive for Russians
Regular railway tickets for long distances will become at least 10% higher in Russia in 2015. Premium class tickets will also be more expensive. Their price will go up by 5%. At the same time some periods will be followed by price increase and decrease in comparison with the average cost.

For example, tariffs will be a bit less expensive during 194 days of the year. At the same time the price will go up during 170 days of the year. Tariffs will be higher in comparison with the average rate during this period of time. 31st of December 2015 will be the only day when tariffs will be fixed.

Speaking about business and premium class tickets they will be 5% more expensive in comparison with the current price. Price for additional services and facilities will also be increased. Bedclothes in trains will now cost about $20.  

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