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Putin urged to think about consumers in import substitution

You need to maintain a competitive market environment without undue preferences and greenhouse conditions and to remember that state support is not unlimited. This was stated by the President at the meeting with government members in the Kremlin.

26.Apr.17 6:19 AM
By Christina Orlina


Putin urged to think about consumers in import substitution
"One of the important directions of the work - programme of import substitution in industry and agriculture", - said the head of state. Yesterday at a meeting of the military-industrial Commission the process in the defense industry was discussed. And today Vladimir Putin suggested talking about the civil segment.

"The unique window of opportunity for a range of industries is opened," - said the head of state. The apparent success of the agriculture, machine building, light industry."It is extremely important to take into account the interests of consumers, - said Putin. - Domestic products must be competitive in price and quality".

"We should use the current situation to support and create new competences", - said the President. "There is no purpose to substitute anything and everything", - he stressed. The task is also to increase export potential, said the head of state.

The President proposed to discuss in detail how to implement sectoral plans on import substitution.

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