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Putin: "They speculate on the problems"

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin talked with citizens in the framework of the “straight line”. Organizers say they have received two million questions.

15.Jun.17 2:46 PM
By Christina Orlina


Putin: "They speculate on the problems"
Putin said he was ready to talk with everyone who really “aims to improve people's lives”.
“They speculate on the problem. No need to speculate and offer solutions. And those who suggest the solution is for the people who deserve the most attention. And they have the right to dialogue with the government. We will continue to do it.”

Putin received a few questions concerning international relations. About USA he said: “We do not believe that America is their enemy,”- and expressed the hope that Washington will play a constructive role in resolving the crisis in the South-East of Ukraine.

“Together with the United States worked to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue. But, after all, we agreed. So there are good examples of our cooperation. And the former property directly recognize our significant role in resolving this problem. So can we agree, can work together. Of course We can!”

Commenting on the issue of Russia's interests in Syria, Putin said that Russia in the number of tasks for the near future is to increase the combat capability of the Syrian government Armed forces. He called “invaluable” experience in Syria, the latest Russian weapons.

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