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Putinís Rating has reached its Historical Maximum

There are more and more citizens who are supporting their President.

19.Feb.15 9:12 AM
By Abigail Richards


Putinís Rating has reached its Historical Maximum
Putinís reliability rating has reached its historical maximum. This fact is obvious considering the latest researches and surveys which were made in Russian Federation. The results are overwhelming, 85% of citizens support their president. 44% of them chose ďtotally relyĒ while other 41% of citizens chose Ēlikely to rely ď.

It should also be mentioned that this survey was made during the last week before crucial negotiations in Minsk. This event has certainly added some point to the total rating of the Russian President. In January the level of this rating was 73%. It seemed like it would never go upper considering poor economic situation in Russia.

Moreover election rating is 74%. In other words, if we imagine that elections in Russia will be arranged right now, more than a half of Russian citizens would vote for Putin without any hesitations. This level was 70% about a month ago.

At the same time the survey has shown that rating of other Russian politics is the same. 5% of citizens vote of Zhirinovsky, 4% for Zyuganov and 1% for Prohorov.

More than 3 thousand people from 64 Russian regions took part in this survey.

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