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Putin Forecasts Recovery of Russian Economy in 2 Years

Government is ready to introduce completed anti-crisis plan.

19.Apr.15 2:04 PM
By Anna Nekrasova


Putin Forecasts Recovery of Russian Economy in 2 Years
Vladimir Putin shared his opinion about recovery of Russian economy with all citizens during his life conference where he answered questions of ordinary people. President once already said that full recovery can take 2 years. Now his is sure that it may take even less time.

He also explained that Russia managed to overcome several rather serious problems which were mainly connected with banking, high level of inflation and unemployment. Ruble exchange rate is rather stable at the moment. Markets continue growing. Government found it possible to improve economic and social situation in the country and it is ready to introduce completed anti-crisis plan.

During his live communication Putin also noted that government managed to prevent the increase of unemployment. Salaries of Russian have become higher by 1.3% while pensions were indexed.

Of course, president admitted that poor economic situation resulted in capital outflow from the country. On the other hand the situation started improving in the middle of this year. The funds are returning to Russia and citizensí deposits went up to $38 billion.

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