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Putin explained why the price growth overtakes inflation

The financial question is the most relevant to the residents of the Russian Federation.

14.Apr.16 2:12 PM
By Anna Sinarevskaya


 Putin explained why the price growth overtakes inflation
The President began to answer questions from Russians within a straight line, which is held annually. As expected, most citizens care about urgent issues for example, rising prices. Vladimir Putin said that the inflation rate at 12.9% is absolutely truthful.

"The growth of food prices is somewhat artificial result. We have introduced restrictions on the importation from abroad of products in response to sanctions," the President said. He added that the embargo has pushed agriculture to growth, but in other areas there was a decline, and the prices in the shops rose.

The head of state noted that himself during the crisis was to conserve. On time.

According to the organizers of the straight line, they received more than 2 million questions. Most Russians are concerned about prices, utilities, roads and housing.

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