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Putin Demanded from Prosecutors to Deal with Poor Gasoline Quality

Gas stations are responsible for filling up cars with low quality fuel.

30.Apr.15 4:16 PM
By Lubov Kovaleva


Putin Demanded from Prosecutors to Deal with Poor Gasoline Quality
President of Russian federation Vladimir Putin demanded from state prosecutorís to deal with problem related to low quality gasoline on Russian stations. At the same time he ordered to determine who is responsible for spreading of low quality fuel for autos. It appeared that major part of responsibility is on gas stations but not on refineries.

President compared selling of low quality engine with stealing and cheating. It also results it engine damage and low durability of cars which causes additional costs. Putin reminded ministers about the episode from famous Soviet comedy where the same situation was described. As a result the president ordered prosecutors to take the situation under control.

Russian Minister of Industry and Sales Denis Manturov explained that examinations that have been initiated the previous year revealed that major part of complaints regarding low fuel quality are connected directly with gas stations. As a prove of his words Manturov provided statistics where 20 of 120 had several violations regarding fuel quality. Over 1000 tank farms have been checked in 2014. 300 of them have been fined for different types of violations.

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