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Putin closed South Stream

Such decision was made in view of Bulgarian position.

03.Dec.14 11:15 AM
By Svetlana Siuhina


Putin closed South Stream
The President of Russian Federation has made an exclusive statement during his visit to Turkey. He said that he is going to close South Stream project due to inability of its further implementation. Such decision has resulted in position of Bulgarian government and business partners. That is why construction of the pipe on the territory of this country is stopped. Italy has also announced about the fact that it is not interested in implementation of this project.

“If Bulgaria is not able to act as independent country, at least it should demand for compensation from the European Union. It was a profitable project for both sides. Bulgaria could benefit from 400 million euros of annual income from gas transit to the rest of European countries”, - said the President of Russia.

That is why Russia initiated new negotiations with Turkish partners. The new project will be implemented. It will include construction of new gas pipe through the Black Sea. Construction of the new pipe will be launched in cooperation with BOTAS Petroleum Pipeline Corporation which is able to guarantee supplies up to 63 billion cubic meters annually. 14 billion of cubic meters will be supplied directly to Turkey for its inner needs.

At the same time Alexey Miller also noted that Russia is ready to provide Turkey with 6% discount starting from the 1st of January 2015. Moreover they are planning to increase capacity of the Blue Stream by 3 billion cubic meters of gas.

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