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Putin and Macron: The first meeting

The subjects of negotiations of presidents of Russia and France at Versailles were: a peaceful settlement in Syria and Ukraine, the situation in Libya and on the Korean Peninsula, Russia's relations with the EU.

30.May.17 12:01 PM
By Christina Orlina


Putin and Macron: The first meeting
Vladimir Putin visited France with a one-day visit and met with the new French leader, Emmanuel Macron. The latter, in particular, said: “It is extremely important to engage in dialogue with all parties at the negotiating table, all parties to the Syrian conflict, including with representatives of Mr. Assad”.

The position of France in respect of settlement in Syria, therefore, has changed. The question posed to Vladimir Putin concerned, in particular, accusations of the President of Macron in the Russian media abroad.

“You asked how sanctions against Russia will help normalize the crisis in Eastern Ukraine. Will not help! Therefore, I appeal to you, and to representatives of mass media of France: fight for the abolition of all restrictions in the global economy”.

In the framework of the working visit of Vladimir Putin, the two leaders visited the exhibition “Peter the Great” arranged in honor of the anniversary of the arrival of the Russian Emperor to France in the spring of 1717. On Tuesday, the exhibition, organized in the Palace of Versailles opened to the public.

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