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Traces of water found on Mars

At least in the distant past the Red planet had a liquid bodies of water

Putin and Macron: in the footsteps of Peter the Great

The meeting of Russian President and newly elected head of the French Republic began with a vigorous handshake in the marble courtyard of the Palace of Versailles.

29.May.17 1:39 PM
By Christina Orlina


Putin and Macron: in the footsteps of Peter the Great
The programs of the one-day visit of Vladimir Putin Included: talks with Emmanuel Macron, a joint visit to the exhibition dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the visit to France of Peter the Great, and finally a visit to open in Paris in October last year, the Russian cultural and spiritual center.

As stated at the press conference the two leaders, they discussed a wide range of issues, the taboo was not among them. “With regard to intervention, the sham intervention of Russia in the whose of whatever the election,-  he said, – this issue we have not discussed and Mr President has no interest in that is not shown”.

During the first personal meeting between the leaders of Russia and France, they discussed the issues of bilateral cooperation, as well as a wide range of topical international problems, including the situation in Ukraine, in Syria and the tasks of combating international terrorism.
In the words of Emmanuel Macron, “we touched on the situation of LGBT people in Chechnya, but also the situation of NGOs in Russia. On those topics, I pointed out to President Putin, what are the expectations of France in this region, we decided very regularly to carry out it's monitoring “.

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