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Punishment for Pedophiles will be Tougher in Russia

Such offer was imitated by Pavel Astahov.

04.Mar.15 5:04 PM
By Abigail Richards


Punishment for Pedophiles will be Tougher in Russia
President of Russian federation was asked to toughen the punishment for pedophiles. Such initiative has been made by Commissioner for Children's Rights in Russian Federation Pavel Astahov.

He offered to implement life-term administrative supervision of criminals who have already committed such types of crimes and were let out of prison. At the same time Astahov asked to eliminate any possibility of parole for those who were accused of pedophilia.

According to the latest statistics 98% of criminals who were ever accused of pedophilia are ready to commit the same crime as soon as they are free.

It should also be noted that Astahov has already turned to Russian President with the same request. However it was rejected due to lack of funds on its implementation.

Latest statistics also shows that number of victims from pedophiles among children ha increases by 35.6% over the last year. The number of rapes has increases by 28.3%, occasions of canvassing to illegal sexual actions increased by 162.5%. Occasions of violence with sexual implication has increased by 24.4%. The number of indecent assault occurs 15.6% more often in comparison with the previous year.

Experts say that if such measures will be taken. It will help to reduce the number of sexual assaults  and occurrences of pedophilia.

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