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Public Hospitals can be privatized

Public hospitals were offered to be managed by businessmen.

09.Dec.14 6:29 PM
By Roman Skvortsov


Public Hospitals can be privatized
Ministry of Economic Development in cooperation with Agency of Strategic Initiatives has worked out new program of actions. The major part of this program is devoted to public institutions which are planned to be managed by businessmen but not government. It will be in form of long-term rent. Public institutions which can be managed by businessmen in the nearest future include hospitals, schools, kindergartens and nursing homes.

If a businessman wants to manage one of such institutions he will have to meet a number of requirements and conditions. For example, businessman will be obliged to provide compulsory health insurance services along with modernization of establishments and provide all necessary healthcare equipment. At the same time they will be allowed to provide services on commercial basics.

Vice President of “Russian Support” organization Vyacheslav Korochkin shared his opinion about the current conditions of public hospitals. He is absolutely sure that existing system of healthcare needs modernization. Some of the managing staff exaggerate their authorities and let their relatives organize unauthorized private clinics on basics of public establishments. And no one pays the rent in such situation.

New program will be aimed on increase of the efficiency level as well as proper usage of available healthcare resources. At the same time it will help to attract new investors and develop infrastructure.

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