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Project Kabzor: on investments in digital currencies

The rapid development of the block (the distributed registry in a million encrypted copies) led to interesting consequences - people tried and believed in the cryptocurrency.

25.Jan.18 9:45 PM


Project Kabzor: on investments in digital currencies
Difficulties in using and buying, weak distribution - these shortcomings of the cryptocurrency are paled before the new opportunity - the transfer of value at a distance. The significance of this value leads to a constantly growing interest in the cryptocurrency. The growing market allows the first investors to receive a constant inflow of new money without reducing the share of ownership. The inflow strength (the amount of money) depends on the amount and time of entry (buying cryptocurrency).

The advantage of the blockade is that it does not matter who you are and where you are from, what your education is and what your aspirations are, where you live and whether you have high-ranking relatives.

Only two things are important - the amount and time of entry.

All those who have gone before will receive more. Who went into more - will get even more. This feature interested the company of techies and they did business on it.

A young team (a dozen people, a junior developer of 16 years) of the project Kabzor ( found the Holy Grail - solving financial problems of its customers. The project only works with dollars (an international project) and invests in crypto-currencies. Customers receive a fixed one percent per week. Money can be withdrawn at any time - such opportunities are given by the block.

The governments of many countries (Russia, the United States, Switzerland, China) are thinking of regulating the new branch of the block and the cryptocurrency. At the moment, the situation on this market is reminiscent of the Wild West - many new companies, the lack of a legislative base, huge revenues and not predictable risks. The correct strategy in this market is to invest an insignificant amount, with which you can easily part.

A hundred years ago, a technical revolution led to a change in the world. History repeats itself.

Remember! Investments are risky operations! Control your risks!

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