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Production of soft chesses will be launched in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Production will be launched in Pavlovsky district.

18.Aug.14 5:58 PM
By Mihail Prygunov


Production of soft chesses will be launched in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
During press-conference acting Minister of Agriculture in Nizhny Novgorod Alexey Morozov said that production of soft chesses will be launched in 2014. This is due to the fact that self-supplies of cheese are 20% at the moment. Launching of production line in Pavlovsky district will make it possible to increase this rate.

Production of cheese is located only in Gorodetsky district. Government is also planning to launch production line in Vorotynsky and Lyskovsky districts. At the same time import of cheese from Belarus and Mordovia to Nizhny Novgorod region will be arranged. These are measures are necessary in the face of sanctions and limitation of import from foreign countries. The official says that there have been already positive results in agricultural sphere. Region is able to provide itself with necessary amount of potatoes, grain, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, etc. Production in livestock sphere will also be increased.

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