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Process of Stadium Construction for the Upcoming FIFA 3018 was Simplified

Stadium projects can be changed with additional formalities.

16.Apr.15 5:15 PM
By Anna Repina


Process of Stadium Construction for the Upcoming FIFA 3018 was Simplified
Government decided to simplify the process of stadium construction for the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2018. They made procedure much easier for the constructors who now do not need to follow additional formalities and competitions in order to make necessary changes in project of sports objects.

On the other hand changes in project and design documentation are the inevitable part of construction process, especially when it comes to sports objects which are built for the upcoming FIFA 2018 World Cup that will take place in Russia. Such measures were taken as a part of import substitution program. Now contractors are able to replace foreign materials and equipment by its domestic analogues and alternatives. In some cases such replacement will help to save almost half of the budget which is necessary for construction and repairing of particular object.

At the same time technological methods and instruments can also be changed in order to make the process even simpler. Earlier special tenders and competitions were necessary in case contractors wanted to make changed in project and design documents related to construction of stadiums. It slowed down the process very much.

In addition Minister of Sports Vitaly Mutko noted that construction works and made in rather tough timing and financial conditions. Nevertheless all works will be completed as per schedule. Such conditions will not have a negative effect on the quality of works and objects.

Experts are sure that such measures will make it possible to complete all necessary construction as per schedule as well as guarantee fixed building costs on its first stages.

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