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Price of Bread in Russia will increase by 10% in the nearest Future

The increase will result in growth of raw materials price.

12.Dec.14 1:03 PM
By Abigail Richards


Price of Bread in Russia will increase by 10% in the nearest Future
In spite of high grain harvest in Russian in 2014, the price of bread will increase by 10% in the nearest future. Such information was provided by “Kommersant” newspaper.

In accordance with unconfirmed information notification about the price increase has been sent to all major suppliers as well as retail networks and chains. Such increase will result in the fact that price of raw materials has also become higher. Raw materials include grains, sugar, foreign raw materials, package and transportation costs.

Moreover some experts say that price of grains will continue going up due to the fact that it is linked to the level of oil price.  

On the other hand Federal Antimonopoly Service has not yet determined any changes in price of bread. This Department is monitoring the situation all the time and controls the price level.

Ministry of Industry and Sales representatives reported that there are now changes in price of bread. The level is stable: “Grain markets are controlled by Federal Antimonopoly Service. There have not been any complaints from the central apparatus of the service yet regarding the price increase. This also includes the price of raw materials as well as production costs”, - said the Head of Agricultural Control Department Anna Mirochinenko.

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