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Premier of “Vasilisa” Movie has taken Place in Russia

“Vasilisa” epic drama starring Svetlana Hodchenkova is shown in Russian cinemas.

09.Dec.14 12:55 PM
By Svetlana Siuhina


Premier of “Vasilisa” Movie has taken Place in Russia
Premier of “Vasilisa” epic historical drama has taken place on the 4th of November. This is a story about relationships between a nobleman and peasant serf. They love each other very much. However they will never be together because of their social status.

The action in the film is taking place during the war in 1812. Napoleon tries to invade Russia with his troops. This is the time when class prejudices are stepping back. You will be able to witness a wonderful love story which develops on the background of bloody battles.

Famous Russian actress Svetlana Hodchenkova plays a peasant serf while Dmitry Solomikin plays a nobleman. By the way, this is his debut on a big screen.

Anton Sivers is director of the film.

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