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Pre-sales of Kodak’s cryptocurrency have already begun

The company, licensed by Kodak to use its name in conjunction with a new cryptocurrency, has already begun to pre-sell it before the public initial coin offering (ICO).

10.Jan.18 11:25 PM
By Daria Zaytseva


Pre-sales of Kodak’s cryptocurrency have already begun

Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. based in Vancouver announced yesterday that it is investing in KodakCoin $2 million, it was announced yesterday by Kodak and WENN Digital, which is licensing the former's branding. WENN Digital, which is developing a platform of digital media rights, which was unveiled yesterday, is managing the sale of the tokens.

Kodak said that the public sale of its cryptocurrency, which will be open to accredited investors (including the U.S.), will begin on January 31.

Yesterday's opening of Kodak triggered global headlines that continued after it and WENN Digital introduced Kodak KashMiner. This announcement, made at the CES trade show in Las Vegas, also sees the U.S. firm licensing out its brand.

Nevertheless, the rapid steps have led to some speculation that Kodak is moving to use the buzz around blockchain, especially among publicly traded companies that have seen their financial destiny skyrocketing due to the hunger of investors, something concerning technology.

Nevertheless, the price of Kodak shares has risen since yesterday's announcement. Google data shows that the stock has already grown by more than 75 percent, rising above $11, having started the week just over $3.

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