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Power engineering has opposed mining

Enel is not going to sell energy to miners.

04.Feb.18 11:55 PM
By Shawn Highstraw


Power engineering has opposed mining

Electricity consumption by miners is continually growing, which causes concern of many states. To date, the bulk of the mining capacity is concentrated in China, since availability and low cost characterize this resource in this country. However, the PRC is not too loyal to the crypto-currencies and continues to tighten its policy towards the new market. In particular, the Chinese government closed the crypto-exchange areas and imposed a ban on the primary placement of tokens. Corresponding innovations made the nervous and nervous men nervous too: their position may not be so stable either.

Major PRC miners, as reported by the media, are considering options for moving to other countries, in particular, to Canada. Also, representatives of the mining industry are interested in cooperation with companies that sell energy extracted from renewable sources. According to, the mining giant Environ AG from Switzerland was interested in buying a resource from the Enel energy corporation. However, the company stated that the use of energy for mining is a destructive practice. Therefore, cryptocurrency holders may not count on their assistance. 

Obtaining energy from renewable sources could be a significant help for miners. But the very principle of saving the power thus obtained contradicts its wasteful use in the mining process, so it will not be easy for the parties to agree on this matter.

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