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Powder Vodka Will Be Sold in Russia

Powder should be mixed with water only.

11.Jun.15 9:34 AM
By Abigail Richards


Powder Vodka Will Be Sold in Russia
American entrepreneurs are planning to produce powder alcohol for Russian market. It will be available for Russian consumers only. It is known that powder vodka will be produced under the brand name Palcohol. Consumers will only need to mix it with water. Powder will include also rom and Cosmopolitan cocktail.

Lipsmark Company representatives say that new product can appear on stock in 2016. However they are not able to provide any information about possible Russian partners. The exact date of production launch is also unknown.

At the same time it should be noted that Palcohol trade mark has already been licensed in Russian Patent Bureau. Powder alcohol could already be available for Russian customers if it was not for legislation. That is why several changes in existing law must be made in order to start production of new product.

Moreover according to available information provided by the official website of the company powder vodka is less harmful in comparison with liquid alcoholic products.

Palcohol is a dry powder alcohol which can be mixed with food and beverages. It was invented by Mark Phillips who was fed up with carrying heavy bottles while his travelling on foot. He has already invented 7 different powder alcoholic drinks including cocktails.

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