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Portugal: Wine corks from the bark are back

Portugal is the largest producer of corks in the world, and the tree the cork oak it is considered a national symbol.

09.May.17 1:48 PM
By Christina Orlina


Portugal: Wine corks from the bark are back

The share of Portugal, accounts for 63% of world exports of corks from the bark of the oak. Industry leader the Portuguese company Amorim, the shares of which since the beginning of the year rose by 30%, and in recent years six times, due to changes in the wine industry, which returned to the cortical tubes after experimenting with plastic covers.

12, 15 years ago, the prognosis for this sector was not optimistic. Today, we have entered an entirely neizvedannoe the territory, says director of marketing of the company Amorim Carlos de Jesus.

According to the Portuguese Association of manufacturers of tubes APCOR, the volume of exports last year grew by 4% and reached almost a billion euros. Overall, since 2010, export growth was 24%.

The President of the Association APCOR explains Joan Ferreira explains: there is a definite trend. Nature of wine consumption in the world has changed the level of consumption decreases, the consumption increases. Today consumers prefer their cork oak bark and not other alternatives.

In Portugal, the tube is three quarters of exports of industry goods made of bark. Of the 18 million sold every year in the world of bottles of wine, 12 million are closed with plugs of bark.

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