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Polygyny in Russia will be Punished

Responsibility for polygyny will come into force in the nearest future.

20.May.15 11:48 AM
By Elena Tkachenko


Polygyny in Russia will be Punished
Russian deputies of the State Duma will review new law regarding implementation of responsibility for polygyny in Russian Federation. Such information has been provided by Olga Alimova who is a member of the Committee on family, women and children of the lower chamber.

According to her statement this question will be reviewed in the nearest future during the Committee meeting.
At the same time member of Federation Committee of Federal Structure and Regional Policy Ekaterina Lyakhova supported such initiative and noted that responsibility should be implemented not only for polygyny but also for marriages with underage citizens of Russian Federation.

Lyakhova also said that punishment may include administrative responsibility as well as fines or any other types of sanctions. The process must be launched as soon as possible though some experts say that there will be many of those who are against such law. This is due to the fact that polygyny is normal in some regions of Russia considering belief and religious rules. Luckily church and jurisdiction are separate structures in Russian Federation.

Some analytics say that such initiative is very likely to be caused by recent marriage which has taken place in Chechen Republic recently. 17-year old girl married an adult man last Saturday.

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