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Poll: why you need to use emoticons

There are several reasons.

26.Apr.17 6:16 AM
By Abigail Richards


Poll: why you need to use emoticons
Experts of the analytical company «Luga» conducted a study. The main goal of the research is to understand why and why you need to use emoticons.

The first reason is that snapchat emoji meanings will make users more popular on social networks and networks and on the Internet in general. The study showed that popularity in the network directly depends on the use of smiles. The more smiles a person uses when writing, the higher his popularity.

Also, experts say that network users respond to smilies in the text as real human emotions. For example, if a person saw a smile in the text, he automatically presents this smile on the person of the person who sent this message. This applies to both "good" and "evil" smiles.

The study showed that smilies soften critical remarks. According to analysts, messages with negative text, but with smiles inserted, do not cause users negative emotions. Also, such reports often remain without negative answers. People who want to write a message with a negative text, but not wanting to cause a conflict, should always use emoticons.

But, scientists say that you need to use smiles gently. You can not insert more than one smiley into one sentence. The text should be natural and then smilies will be relevant.

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