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Polina Gagarina will represent Russia on Eurovision 2015

Her song is expected to become sensational.

10.Mar.15 5:41 PM
By Abigail Richards


Polina Gagarina will represent Russia on Eurovision 2015
The upcoming Eurovision 2015competition is expected to be rather interesting and tough. Russia has already chosen its participant in this popular musical contest. Polina Gagarina will represent her country during this competition. She has already recorded her song for the show. The words are translated into English according to requirements of the contest. The song is expected to be sensational. All Polina’s fans will certainly be astonished.

If she is able to get high marks and rich high results during the competition, it will be another breakthrough for the young singer. She has recently tried herself as an actress in “One Left” movie directed by Vitaly Reyngeverts. Premier of the film will take place on the 7th of May 2015.

The official announcement of Russian competitor for the 60th Eurovision 2015 will be announced on air of the First Channel several days before the deadline. The meeting of judges and heads of the contest will be held on 16th of March 2015. This is the deadline when all countries-participants are supposed to announce their representatives.
It should be noted that Tom Neuwrith was the winner of the last Eurovision [erforming a character of Conchita which was considered as a symbol of tolerance and protest against any kind of gender roles in modern society.

Participants from 39 different countries will take part in this competition. Some countries decided not to take part in Eurovision this year including Ukraine, Turkey, Monaco and Morocco.

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