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Poland will buy coal in Russia

Russian coal was more environmentally friendly.

27.Jun.17 11:05 PM
By Catherine Brooke


Poland will buy coal in Russia
Polish companies plan to start buying Russian coal. According to Polish media, there are several reasons for this. The main one is an insufficient development of local production: this year for internal consumption, Poland may not have enough about five million tons of coal. This situation can be corrected by extracting 150,000 tons of coal per day. However, only 80-110 tons of coal are sufficient.

If we talk about the prices for Polish and Russian coal, then local coal for small European production is more profitable - it is cheaper than the Russian equivalent, but there is still a quality issue.

Many industries require coal with a low sulfur content, and this is not enough in Poland. At the same time, Russian coal fully meets this requirement. The global advantage of such raw materials lies in the fact that it can be used in industries where there are no purification systems. When burning such coal, emissions into the atmosphere are insignificant. If enterprises without costly cleaning plants burn Polish coal, they will violate environmental requirements.

As economists explain, there are no political underpinnings in such supplies. Russian coal will fill a gap in the Polish energy market.

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