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Plane crash in the Stavropol region killed 4 people

The cause of the tragedy was pilot error or technical fault.

14.Dec.15 5:22 AM
By Andrey Shulga


Plane crash in the Stavropol region killed 4 people
Day December 13 in the foothill area of Stavropol small-engine plane crashed Beechcraft Bonanza A36TS. On board were 4 people. They all died. For information about this told reporters the head of the press service of the State Emergency in the region Oleg Degtyarev.

Currently, investigators are considering two main versions of the crash. This equipment failure and pilot error. According to information available flight was not agreed with anyone. The aircraft belonged to the deceased pilot.

Personality of the victims have already been installed. The plane fell in a deserted place. Victims and destruction of ground buildings there. Experts believe that the plane began to fall rapidly with a very high altitude. Upon impact, the explosion and fire. From aircraft virtually nothing left.

In fact the crash a criminal case. The investigation of the tragedy continues.

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