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Yuri Morozov, founder of Bubbletone Blockchain for Telecom: "With the help of the blockchain, we can change the entire global ecosystem of telecommunications"

An interview with Bubbletone Blockchain for Telecom founder, Yuri Morozov, whose company aims to rev...

Pick of the day: Knowledge day in Russia

This is a great chance to remember early school years and think about wisdom and maturity.

01.Sep.14 3:54 PM
By Alexey Kuritsyn


Pick of the day: Knowledge day in Russia
The 1st of September is “Knowledge Day”. It is celebrated all over Russia. Pupils go to schools for the first time and take part in tradition ceremony with lots of flowers and anticipation. At the same time older pupils meet with their classmates and friends after long summer vacation. Thousands of kids in Russia will enter schools for the first time in their lives.

Higher education establishment do not have such bright and colorful celebration of this holiday. On the other hands new students also feel rather excited about their first day in university. This is rather important step in life of every person towards maturity.

We learn different things throughput our whole life. We make mistakes and sometimes fall down. On the other hand even mistakes and failures can make our spirit stronger. We become wiser and can share this enormous experience with our kids. We congratulate every pupil and teacher, student and professor on this great holiday which launches new educational season!

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