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Philae Module will continue exploring the Comet

The comet will get closer to the Sun in March 2015, and the module will “wake-up”.

03.Dec.14 11:24 AM
By Anna Nekrasova


Philae Module will continue exploring the Comet
Philae Module will be able to continue exploring the comet in spring 2015. It will be activated when the space body will get closer to the Sun.

We all know that Philae Module has successfully landed on Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet on the 12th of November. It has transferred very important and priceless information to scientists within 60 hours of operation. It helped scientists to learn more about the comet. They know about the temperature level on the surface of the object as well as volume of gas emission, type of ground and other important facts.

The module is located in the shade of the comet at the moment. It is situated about 1 km from the place it was supposed to land. That is why its solar batteries have been frozen. This is due to the fact that the average temperature on the surface of the comet is 70 degrees below zero.  That is why they need to be charged once again.

It will be possible in March 2015 when the comet will get closer to sun and it will be summer there. Now experts are using already received data which has already been received along with information that is sent by CONSERT device and OSIRIS camera. Such equipment is installed on Rosetta space craft.

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