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People can Now Watch Leviathan Legally

Those who want to share the opinion of experts about this film should obviously visit cinemas before.

09.Feb.15 10:47 AM
By Svetlana Siuhina
Photo КиноПоиск.ru


People can Now Watch Leviathan Legally
Leviathan has turned out to be real sensation in the cinema world recently. It has already won lots of prestigious awards and appreciation of the world’s famous directors and critics. It was also nominated on Oscar. Now it is also available for Russian spectators and cinema lovers. It has become officially available starting from 5th of February.
The situation is rather strange due to useless and senseless games of representatives of Oscar Committee and rentals. The premier took place in May 2014. But the movie was not available for Russians for until now. Of course, pirates have already provided internet users with illegal copies of the film. But now you they are able to watch it absolutely legally.

Those who have already seen this film are not able to share unambiguous opinion. It recalls several emotions which can’t be described in one word. That is why it is better to see it with your own eyes.

It was shot from August till Novermber2012. The shooting process took place in several districts of Murmansk region. Director said that he used the biggest number of people in comparison with all his other films. There are 15 main characters in this movie.

The name was borrowed from the Bible where Leviathan was a mythological monster. This name is actually used as metaphor in the movie. It helps to compare governmental machine with monster that is aimed to destroy the inner world of every human being, take his soul and freedom.

The main hero of the film lives in a small town which is located on the Barents Sea in a small bay where whales con sometimes be met. Together with his father he built his own house and auto workshop. However corrupt mayor is eager to take everything he has and destroy the life of the main hero. He decides to take the challenge and asks for help of his good friend who is also a lawyer.

Cast: Aleksey Serebryakov, Elena Lyadova, Roman Madyanov, Vladimir Vdovichenkov and others.

Director: Andrey Zvyagintsev

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