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Pedestrians can also be fined for Violation of Traffic Rules

Fines can become twice higher.

06.Feb.15 8:46 AM
By Abigail Richards


Pedestrians can also be fined for Violation of Traffic Rules
Fines for pedestrians who violate traffic rules can become twice higher in Russian Federation. Public Chamber has already turned to State Duma with the following offer.

The initiative was offered by member of Pubic Chamber Safety Commission Anton Tsvetkov. He is sure that existing fines are too low. They do not have a big influence on pedestrians who occasionally violate traffic rules. We should pay your attention that pedestrian fine is about $10. Such sum will not prevent them from further violations. That is why the official offers to make those fines twice higher. It may be increased up to $20.

It should be noted that representatives of Transport Committee in State Dum have already announced that they are going to support new bill.

In accordance with the official statistics of Traffic Police Department more than 23 thousand accidents have taken place due to pedestrian violations of traffic rules over 11 months of 2014. 4 344 people died while 19 736 people were injured. The highest number of accidents with participation of pedestrians took place on Moscow (1 792 accidents). The lowest number of accidents was registered in Chukotka (only 3 accidents).

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