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Pavel Datsyuk Will Miss the Start of NHL Season Due to Injury

Datsyuk will need a lot of time for a full recovery.

20.Jul.15 9:24 PM
By Irina Klyachina
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Pavel Datsyuk Will Miss the Start of NHL Season Due to Injury
Russian hockey player Pavel Datsyuk who plays for NHL Detroit Red Wings team will need more time to recover after serious health problems. He injured his ankle at the end of the previous season. Surgeons made serious operation at the end of June. That is why Datsyuk was not able to help his team during World Championship. At the same time, he will miss the start of new NHL season.

Pavel said that he expected his comeback in 4-5 months which are necessary for a full recovery. He also hopes that he won’t miss too many matches at the start of the new season. “We expected recovery period to last up to 6 weeks. Unfortunately, it will be longer. Nevertheless, I will be in Detroit together with my team mates during preparation for a new season”, - said Pavel in his last interview.

It should be noted that Datsyuk is celebrating is birthday today.

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