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Partnership Fundraising

The Business Of The 21 Century.

05.Feb.16 6:34 AM
By Swan


Partnership Fundraising
In Russia, there is a unique Charity, featuring a Partnership Fundraising that Fundraisers can earn income from their activities NOT in the form of agent commission, but in the same form of charitable donations from other participants involved in their partnership structure.

Every time any of the participant's partners in the structure and makes a charitable donation that's invited by then, it's distributed accordingly to the rules of the program!

When you join, $5 is required to set up your account and $100 to put into the charity for you to be eligible to receive donations from others when you refer then to do the same.

There is no limit to how much people you can invite so therefore their is no limit on how much you can receive for yourself and the charity.

To date, there are more than 700 000 people all over the world in 145 countries participating in this international charity movement, called Whole World and their numbers is steadily growing. It's to help raise funds for ill children who's family can't afford the medical expenses.

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