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Outdoor cafes must look in accordance with special requirements

Special requirements will be issued by state administration of Nizhniy Novgorod towards location and look of outdoor cafes.

21.Jul.14 1:50 PM
By Daria Zelichenko


Outdoor cafes must look in accordance with special requirements
If a businessman wants to locate additional outdoor café, he will also need to obtain a special approval from department of city development and architecture. This approval will include space limits as well as requirements to its look. This information was provided by department of media relations. The look of café should be presented in the form of sketch which shows schematic design of the future project. The main idea is to use space in a proper way and make it look attractive. Sketch is required one time only together with all necessary primary documents.

The Head of Economic development Department Irina Semashko says that these measures are taken in order to make Nizhniy Novgorod as attractive as possible. A special meeting was held. Several topics were discussed including border issues for arranging an outdoor café. The head of state administration Oleg Kondrashev is sure that some cafes make it difficult for pedestrians to get to their destination. They block pavements which is rather inconvenient. New requirements which are established by department of city development and architecture are supposed to improve such situation.

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