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Orioncoin will make working loyalty programs based on Blockchain

Last month, General Manager of Orioncoin Woanjen Tang unveiled preparations for a new Blockchain platform, which takes into account the complexity of traditional loyalty programs and at the same time offering increased liquidity and availability in crypto space.

27.Dec.17 4:33 AM
By Daria Zaytseva


Orioncoin will make working loyalty programs based on Blockchain
There are a number of reasons why conventionally developed loyalty incentive programs do not work well, including a lack of internal or perceived value, a lack of transparency and transfer difficulties. The result is inefficiency - loyalty programs and rewards often remain unused by consumers who find it difficult or not necessary to figure out where and how points can be used.

In his speech at BlockShow Asia in Singapore last month, Tang noted that currently only 40 percent of membership in the loyalty program is active. Tang introduced a loyalty platform based on Blockchain, which improves the effectiveness of these programs by providing a universal, own cryptocurrency, ORC, which can be purchased through loyalty programs or cashed for other crypto or fiat.

In addition to customer rewards for using the ORC coin, the Orioncoin platform has provided an opportunity to smoothly transfer funds between cryptocurrency and fiat currencies, pouring liquidity and availability into what is traditionally not a liquid economy.

The Orioncoin platform offers credit cards for international use, as well as the ability for users to transfer funds to fiat currencies, and then transfer them to a regular bank account, all on the same platform.

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