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One of the Taiwanese banks began to use the payment system based on the Etherium

While the system is in the testing.

17.May.18 6:28 AM
By John M Jeffcoat


One of the Taiwanese banks began to use the payment system based on the Etherium
The news portal reports that one of the Taiwanese banking organizations - Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank - began testing a payment system based on the Ethereum blockchain.

It is reported that while the system is working in a test mode, so it can be used by institutions located near the National University of Zhengzhi. Representatives of Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank announced that the launch of the new payment system was very successful. During the first two weeks of operation, the number of calls to the platform for making payments in this zone increased 4-fold.

One of the advantages of using Ethereum blockchain software is to reduce the transit time to one second or even less. Also, the block provides instant access to the entire volume of information on the operations performed for each trader.

About plans Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank became known in the spring of last year, when it was announced the conclusion of a partner memorandum of the bank with the National University, according to which the parties agreed on the joint development of this program. Partners' plans include expanding the technological development in the Zhengzhi area and launching an exhibition area there.

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