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On the platform Nasdaq in June will be launched a crypto exchange DX Exchange

Particular attention will be paid to cybersecurity.

17.May.18 6:39 AM
By John M Jeffcoat


On the platform Nasdaq in June will be launched a crypto exchange DX Exchange
The news portal bits. media informs that in June the crypto-exchange DX Exchange starts working. The new crypto-exchange platform will use the infrastructure, claimed by seventy trading floors around the globe, and its functioning will be based entirely on the Nasdaq platform.

Director General DX Exchange emphasizes that cooperation with Nasdaq will require compliance with all regulatory standards, as well as rules of cybersecurity.

Also, joint work will help to eliminate such common mistakes as holding double-count trades, fictitious volumes, etc. In the practice of the platform, the principle of "single window service" will be applied, which will make it possible to quickly and efficiently carry out purchase operations for funds, trading in tokenized assets, deposit their digital assets or withdraw them.

Another nuance is that the exchange will not charge a commission for trading operations, a monthly fee of 10 euros will replace it. Initially, the listing of crypto-exchange will include six digital currencies, among which BTC, BCH, ETH, and LTC, in the future the list is planned to be expanded and supplemented with trade in tokens.

Close attention will be paid to following the rules of KYC and AML and cybersecurity standards. The management of the exchange hopes that the diligent observance of these requirements will protect the new crypto-exchange from hacker attacks and theft of assets.

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